Monday, June 3, 2013

Health Lights and Eyelid Skin Damage

E. asks:

"Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.  I own a health light with infrared lights and red lights.  You can see what I am referring to on the website:  

My question is:  Is this safe to use on my face with my eyes closed?  There are 7 settings.  I typically use setting 3 which is for the skin. Is infrared light safe through eye lids or will it cause damage to the retina?  If it is safe, how long is too long?

I don't want to damage my eyes for the sake of better looking skin, but I do want to improve my collagen in my face specifically my eyelids.  If it is unsafe then I will discontinue use."

E., Thanks for your question.  I can't comment on how much collagen your light will produce, but I would recommend that you wear tanning bed goggles while using your light.  The skin that covers the eyelids is very thin and easily damaged.  It will stop the infrared rays from reaching your retinas when your eyes are closed, but the rays will age your skin on the lids quickly and most likely detract from the effect you are trying to achieve.