Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Amblyopia Loupes

Michael asks:

I'm a young dentist operating in London, and am considering specialising in prosthodontics. As an undergraduate I never enjoyed microscope work due to my amblyopia and I know that loupes shall be used during possible postgraduate training.
Is it possible to use loupes with amblyopia?
Would really appreciate your help as there are quite limited online resources.


Thanks for your question.
My research indicates that most loupes are binocular and therefore depend on good vision with both eyes to have good depth perception.  Just like with a binocular microscope,
you should be able to see well, but will have discomfort.  If the corrected vision in your bad eye is 20/50 or better, I think you will do fine - uncomfortable with fair depth perception ,
but not disabling.  It is sometimes possible to improve the vision in an amblyopic eye with intense visual therapy if the vision is worse than 20/50.  I would recommend that you
check with your eye doctor to evaluate the depth of your amblyopia and the possibility of improvement.   And to see if you can find some residents in post grad training that will let you try their loupes.
Good luck and let me know what you find out.

Dr. Felker